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Philosophy of
The End Times vs. The Beginning Times
 By AnOldScientist

The Simple Truth:  The Musings of an Old Scientist Upon Studying the Bible
Truth:  That which is in accord with fact and reality.

Skeptical about Science and the bible? 
Think it is irrelevant or ignorance?  
Think again.   

The End Times The Beginning Times
Max B. Frederick, AnOldScientist

In the world of religion there have been many books written about the end times.

In the world of religion there have been very few books written about the beginning times.

In the Bible the last book, the book of Revelation is generally regarded as writings concerning the End Times.

In the Bible the first book, the book of Genesis is generally regarded as writings concerning the Beginning times.  That is what the Greek word Transliterated "Genesis" means.

The End Times generally refers to all time from the crucifixion of Christ to the end of time.  We are living in the End Times.

The Beginning Times generally refers to all the time from the beginning of time to the Exodus.  The great patriarchs mentioned in the bible, Adam, Noah, up through the first eighty years of the life of Moses, were people living in the Beginning Times.  The first three books of the bible, including the book of Genesis was put together when Moses was about eighty years of age. 

From the assembling of the book of Genesis until the crucifixion of Christ was the recorded history of the, shall we call it, the Middle times.  That is the times when God was setting his plan of redemption in place.

The many thousands of authors writing books concerning the end times have had their interpretation of what the bible says limited only by their imagination.  There is no other record of the history of the future.

The few authors writing books concerning the beginning times have had their imagination severely constrained.

Historically their imagination has been constrained by the traditional interpretation of one of the many accounts in the book of Genesis. 

That restriction has led them to be at odds with the facts being discovered by modern science.

The Book of Revelations is not the only place the End Times are mentioned in the Bible.

The Book of Genesis is not the only place the Beginning Times are mentioned in the Bible.

In addition to the many facts recorded in the bible, God has given us a great amount of information about the beginning times.  God has recorded the events of the Beginning Times in the cosmos, and in the layers of rocks found on this planet earth.

So, in addition to the constraints of all the biblical records, the imagination of the Beginning Times authors must also be constrained to stay within the bounds of the facts contained in all of the God given records.

Every day, scientists are discovering more details of the events of the Beginning Times.

Contrary to the teachings of many religious scholars, the facts of the Beginning Times recorded in the Bible and the facts of the Beginning times being discovered by science in the other records given to us by God, are in full agreement.  (Notice I said the facts, not the traditional interpretations of the theologians nor the popular interpretations of the scientists.)

Truth is truth, no matter where you find it.

What does the bible teach concerning the beginning times?

Just what are the facts found in the bible concerning the beginning times?

How do we find what the bible really says concerning the beginning times?

A careful search of the scripture reveals many creation accounts, not just the one as is traditionally assumed.  All of them put together reveal over a hundred facts concerning the beginning times.  These many facts can be assembled into a chronology that reveals a very detailed history of beginning times.  Amazingly, this bible revealed chronology predates and accurately predicts the scientific facts being discovered by modern science today.

Some religious doubters, bent on preserving the traditional interpretation, would say even to study the subject is to compromise with the devil.  This head in the sand attitude prevents them from seeing the scientific proof of the fact that the bible has supernatural authorship.

But first, lets look at the traditional interpretation that has blinded theologians to the truth of what the bible says for so many centuries.

The traditional religious interpretation of the bible concerning Beginning Times goes something like this:  
1.     About six thousand years ago, in about 144 hours (six days) some magical power of the words spoken by God immediately formed the ecological system we see today.
2.     That world of ecology was in a state of unimaginable perfection, all animals, including humans, were vegetarian.  There was no death.  All life lived without end.  Everything lived in harmony.
3.     Then came the fall of man.  With it all the ecology of the earth changed to destruction of life.  Animals ate other animals.  Man killed animals and used them for food and clothing.
4.     The perfect life in the Garden of Eden was turned to the toil and sweat we know today as the way of survival.
5.     Humans, and the ecological system in which they live had to be redeemed. 
6.     This set up the conditions under which humans lived during the "Middle Times" of the Bible, and continue to live in until they die and go to heaven, or time ends, whichever comes first.

That imaginative tradition is not what the Bible teaches.  This book explores what the Bible really teaches concerning The Beginning Times.

The information God has given us concerning the Beginning Times is much more constrained than the freedom of the imagination allowed by authors of End Times books.

We, the authors of Beginning Times books, are given much more information to work with.  However, the more information we have, the more constrained the imagination.  That information limits the freedom of our imagination.  We do not have the freedom of imagination available to End Times authors.  Beginning Times authors must constrain their imagination to the true facts that are recorded and handed to us by God, no matter whether through the bible, or outside the bible.

What Does God Really Teach Us Concerning Beginning Times?

In the Bible there is not just one account of creation.  There are many.  The traditional interpretation is based on only one and ignores the others.  In the Bible there are over thirty independent creation accounts.  Just like the End Times references in the bible, the Beginning Times references are found scattered throughout the bible.  They are found from the Book of Genesis to the book of Revelation.  In the history recorded in the Cosmos and the history recorded in the layers of rocks of the earth are even more detail.  Contrary to the current popular teaching of many theologians, the true facts contained in all histories of the Beginning Times are in absolute agreement.  Ironically, the accounts found in the Bible, when all taken together and assembled into an internally agreeing account predate and predict exactly what modern science is in the process of discovering daily.

Until now, the accounts found in the bible, and the accounts found in the non-bible sources, have been kept separate and independent.  It is only now that the two are being revealed to have independently led to the same truth. 

It is like God set up a Great Double Blind Test.  The answers were recorded supernaturally.  The theologians were blinded to those answers by their traditional interpretations.  The Scientists were blinded to those answers by their reactionary response to the obviously erroneous interpretations of the theologians.  The scientists, in attempting to prove there is no need for a god, have, and are in the process of

What else would one expect of a perfect God?  What else would you expect of a God who claims to be truth, a God that claims to be that which is in accord with fact and reality.

Basic premise of this work:  The Bible is Scientifically True.

The ancient writings of the bible are scientifically true, written by men inspired by God.  They contain overwhelming quantities of scientific truths unknown to mankind at the time of the writing.  Those scientific truths are so accurate, specific, chronologically correct and abundant, when checked against true scientific discovery of modern science, that it is scientifically impossible for that information to have been written down at the time it was without supernatural intervention.

One of the basic properties of science is the ability to predict future discovery.  That is exactly what the ancient writings of the bible are currently doing.

The scientific proof of the supernatural origin of the bible is in at least two parts: 1) the scientific (statistical) impossibility of the knowledge coming from natural sources, and 2) the accuracy of prediction of currently unfolding scientific discovery.

The Scientific Truth in the Bible has Survived Hostile Belief Systems:

Of worthy note is the survival of the anciently recorded scientific information through hostile belief systems, both scientific and religious. 

Hostile Science:

One hostile science belief system it has survived is that of the ancient Greeks.  They had a very elaborate model of the universe that was contrary to the model contained in the ancient scripture writings.   It was also contrary to writings of scripture being done concurrently during the first century AD. 

At the center of their hostile scientific belief system was the belief the earth was the center of the universe, surrounded by concentric transparent crystalline spheres to which were attached the heavenly bodies that circled the earth. 

The original version of the original language scripture that is older than that hostile culture through which it has passed, has survived to demonstrate the influence of that translation by that hostile antique science, and to preserve the original knowledge.

Another hostile science belief system it has survived is that of the current and recent past philosophies of uniformitarianism and spontaneous generation, which are rampant in the modern scientific community today. 

Hostile Religion:

The Traditional Interpretation believed by theologians today is also hostile to what the bible truly teaches concerning Beginning Times.  That traditional interpretation by theologians is based on the scientific beliefs of that Greek culture in which the bible was translated and interpreted. 

For centuries that traditional interpretation was believed to be the belief system of the ancient Hebrew culture over a thousand years prior.  That is not what was recorded in the original ancient writings. 

This hostile religious belief system of traditional interpretation is what convicted Galileo in 1634.  That conviction of Galileo by the false science of traditional interpretation of the bible completed the separation of church and science. 

That separation of church and science is the accepted status quo of today.

That Traditional Interpretation, based on the antique science of yesteryear,  is the basis of the Young Earth Creation Science Movement of today.

The Truth Will Prevail:

The modern science philosophy of uniformitarianism, and the religious interpretations based on antique science are crumbling in the light of recent scientific discoveries of punctuated equilibrium and the concurrent discovery of what the bible really says concerning the subject.

We are on the brink of a new era of scientific and religious revolution.  The truth will come out independently from both sources and will be discovered to be the one and the same undeniable truth.

And it will demonstrate beyond doubt that the bible is of supernatural authorship.

Best regards,

Max B. Frederick

Max B. Frederick, an Old Scientist.