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A Fresh Look at
Science and the Bible
 By AnOldScientist

The Simple Truth:  The Musings of an Old Scientist Upon Studying the Bible
Truth:  That which is in accord with fact and reality.

Skeptical about Science and the bible? 
Think it is irrelevant or ignorance?  
Think again.   

A Fresh Look
Max B. Frederick, AnOldScientist

A fresh look[1] at science in the ancient scripture reveals a surprisingly different picture of what the bible really says concerning the origins.

What has become known in academia, as the "Judeo-Christian Creation Myth" is not what the bible really teaches.  What it really teaches is more in accord with reality. 

There are many accounts of creation in the bible.  There are nearly three-dozen major ones.  At least fifteen give significant information concerning the time-line of creation related events.

When all the creation accounts of the ancient scripture are compared, an amazing picture emerges.  They all can be interleaved into a super account, a super time-line that is internally consistent.  All of them agree as to the chronology of creation events.  And modern science has been independently re-discovering the reality of that time line first published in the bible.

Except for one problem.

One of those many biblical accounts has two conflicting sets of chronology.  There is the underlying chronology that is in accord with all the rest of the biblical accounts.  And there is a superficial chronology overlain upon that account to illustrate an unrelated point. None of the other accounts of creation found in the bible have this foreign chronology superimposed. 

(That unrelated point is the importance of the fourth of The Ten Commandments concerning the six days of labor and the seventh day of rest.  But that is a long and complicated story.  For a sneak preview, see the free article (still a work in progress,) The Creation Accounts of Moses.)

When the underlying chronology of that one account is brought to the front, then the timeline in all biblical accounts of the origins, without exception, are in complete internal agreement.

The amazing thing is, in recent times, modern science has independently re-discovered that same time line of origin related events.

The irony is, that secondary chronology superimposed to illustrate an unrelated point, and elevated above the consistent timeline information found in all the other biblical creation accounts, has given rise to what academia has dubbed the "Judeo-Christian Creation Myth."

Eyewitness to the Origins , a book written by the Old Scientist, is the result of many years of intense research into what the ancient language of the scriptures really says.  It is an effort to be sure this is not just an illusion.  All the creation accounts of the bible are thoroughly examined, combined, and presented as scientific evidence of the supernatural authorship of the ancient scripture.


Pandora's Box

This fresh new look at science pre-recorded in the ancient scripture opens a Pandora's box of sticky questions.

See "sticky Questions" below.

The sorting out of the science in the ancient scripture has been the result of a lifetime of bible study by an old scientist, the life work of an old scientist.

After completing the publication of the results of that independent research at the age of seventy years in the year 2008, that old scientist began publication of an electronic magazine addressing this myriad of questions.

That same old scientist is currently addressing these questions and more.  The publication of articles and future publication depends on your interest and participation and the physical ability of the aging scientist.  Join the discussion before the old scientist goes the way of all flesh and it is too late.

Read past issues of the on line magazine (E-Zine).  Buy the book.  Join the discussion.  Become involved before the old scientist gets too old.

 For more information, contact AnOldScientist by email to simpletruth@anoldscientist.com.


Sticky Questions:

Is the ancient pre-recording of future discoveries of modern science really real?

If so, what was Gods purpose in pre-recording this significant information, then keeping theologians eyes blinded to it until now?

What else has been discovered about what we know and how we know it concerning ancient knowledge of the origins? 

Why is it being revealed now?

Is it really scientific evidence of the supernatural origin of the bible we now have?

How did this happen? See the free article, The Creation Accounts of Moses, for a glimpse of what is contained in the book.

What does the combined chronology reveal?  See Eyewitness to the Origins.

How did the ancient myths arise?  Did the knowledge recorded in the ancient scripture originate with ancient myth of previous religions?  If so, how come is that ancient myth so riddled with non-reality and the ancient scripture so in accord with reality?  Was it "corrected" by some supernatural force?  Or was it revealed to humanity by some supernatural force and become degraded by the imagination of humanity until it comes to us as unreliable myth?  If so, how did the knowledge recorded in ancient scripture become degraded into myth?  (See "The Story Behind the Legend of the Firmament.) 

How do people set in their beliefs of non-reality come to terms with the reality that the bible really is of supernatural authorship?  How do people set in their belief that the bible is only a collection of non-reality myths come to terms with the impossible accuracy of the actual information recorded in the bible before it was discovered by modern science?


[1] This fresh look is not a re-interpretation to make the bible look good.  Rather it is a rejection of the tradition built up around human interpretation of what scholars think the bible should say, similar to the rejection of tradition of the Scribes and Pharisees of the time of Christ.


Best regards,

Max B. Frederick

Max B. Frederick, an Old Scientist.