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History of Civilization
In the Context of The History of the Earth
 By AnOldScientist

The Simple Truth:  The Musings of an Old Scientist Upon Studying the Bible
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History of Civilization
In the History of the Earth
Max B. Frederick, AnOldScientist

A few thousand years ago, about the time set by earth scientists as the beginning of the Holocene Geologic period, evidence of ancient civilization begins to appear.  High in the Andes Mountains of South America, the remnants of an ancient sea level seaport civilization settle at an altitude of over two miles above sea level.  Little evidence remains as to where those people came from, or where they went.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a civilization springs forth complete with fully developed written language.  Written records are found which claim their ancestors were survivors of a great flood that landed their great ship over a mile in altitude above sea level in the Mountains of Ararat.  Those same written records speak of a prior ancient civilization

Before that time, little is available for archaeologists to dig up.  It is though all archaeological evidence of their prior existence has been wiped off the face of the earth.

Since that time, abundant archaeological records indicate that modern European civilization is a descendant of that civilization which spread from that shipwreck.

Where archaeologists have been stopped, geologists have taken over.  Going further back in the history of the earth, evidence of civilization is almost non-existent.  However, the physical conditions that appeared on this earth are fully recorded in the geologic column.  That evidence indicates that since the first appearance of life on this planet, the earth has suffered multiple major worldwide disasters.  These disasters have destroyed the then existing ecology, and resulted in major extinction of life forms.

Each subsequent disaster has recorded a snapshot in time of the conditions that were prevalent on earth when the disaster occurred.  An example of such a disaster is the Major Mass Extinction event that occurred at the end of the Cretaceous age, from which the great dinosaurs did not survive.  A great meteorite hit the earth, causing fracturing of the crust worldwide.  Knowledge of the events following is mainly the result of speculation of scientists.  From cosmic night, to major tidal waves and flooding which buried and preserved the remains of great monsters as far inland as Colorado, the evidence all agrees that it was a major catastrophe.

Many other great catastrophic events have occurred which have destroyed the then existent ecology, the plant and animal equivalent of civilization.  But ecology has always returned, each time in a different form, but ecology is the most robust phenomena on the surface of the earth.  It has survived disasters far beyond what the imagination of man could concoct.

But what of ancient civilization before the beginning of the Holocene geologic period?  Geologists have discovered human remains dating back many times the amount of time since the latest civilization developed from the last major disaster.

Written records carried by the survivors of the ship which landed in the Mountains of Ararat, indicate the previous civilization too sprang from a previous disaster that wiped out the ecological paradise which existed before and plunged the earth into the ice ages.  That natural disaster was accompanied by great volcanic activity. Evidence indicating the same scenario has also been interpreted from the information recorded in the geologic column.


History of Bible Translation from Ancient Times.

Evidence from the Dead Sea scrolls and internal evidence of the ancient language and the modern translations has revealed to us that most of what we have been taught concerning the ancient translation of the scriptures is the result of history revisionists.

First, the Septuagint was not translated from the sacred version of the Hebrew Scriptures.  It was translated from the street version.  The Hebrew keepers of the sacred text were faced with a dilemma.  At the time it was well known that once a book was taken to the Library of Science at Alexandria, it was never returned.  It was copied by the scholars at the Library of Science, and the copy, not the original, was returned to the original owner.  That was unacceptable to those charged with keeping the sacred scriptures pure.  Internal evidence has revealed that when summoned by the governing authority, Ptolemy II, to bring their sacred book to the Library to be translated, they quietly substituted a copy, the street version, and secretly held back the sacred version.  We have enough copies of both  versions today to show this conclusively.

The translating was not done exclusively by dedicated theologians.  Scientists were involved.

Second, the original language was a dead language at the time of the translation and many of the meanings of many of the Hebrew words were not known to the translators.  Contrary to popular assumption that since it was translated closer in time to the original writing, it the translators had a greater familiarity with the meanings of the language, the computerized tools available today give us a better chance of determining the correct meaning than was available to those translating that dead language at that time.

Third, the translation of the science related passages was not a supernaturally correct rendition of what the original language text said.  It may have been supernaturally guided to have the meanings changed to obscure the original meanings for a future purpose.  But, to be sure, the original meanings of many, if not most, of the scientific passage were obscured.  (This generalization does not apply to the theological passages.)

Fourth,  The translators were highly influenced by the science that was popular three hundred years BC.  Their interpretations of the scientific meanings replaced the more rigorous meanings.  The environment of where the translations were done at the Legendary Library of Science at Alexandria, the then repository for all the scientific literature of the world, highly influenced the renderings.

Fifth,  The interpretations of the science in the bible ever since the translation into the Greek of the Septuagint has been relatively unchanged from that of the Greek scientific culture, about three hundred years BC.  That is the antique science on which the Traditional Interpretation is based.

Sixth,  The view of science held by the Hebrews one thousand years earlier was not that view.  Scholars have assumed the Greek interpretation of the bible is what the Hebrews believed a thousand years earlier.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Around the beginning of the  1900's great theological works were published explaining the Hebrew view of science.  They were all misguided, and were tainted by the Greek science believed a thousand years later.  The scientific view held by the Hebrews one thousand years earlier was no more like the scientific view held by the Greeks than the scientific view held by English speaking scientists in the year 1000 AD are the same as the scientific views held by modern science today.

Seventh,  A careful reading of the ancient Hebrew original language reveals multitudes of details of science that verify discoveries of modern science.  So much so, that a chronology of the "beginning times" is in full agreement with the facts discovered by modern science from the geologic column and by observing the cosmos.

Eighth,  Those Facts independently discovered by modern science were supernaturally known and recorded in the ancient Hebrew language, and are revealed by the use of modern translation tools which aid in discovering the original meanings of the ancient Hebrew words which were lost to the ancient Greek translators.

Best regards,

Max B. Frederick

Max B. Frederick, an Old Scientist.